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The Nest Travels Services


Are you truly satisfied with the current car service you currently pay for? Or are you simply adapting to "Regular Taxi Usage" attitude of the taxi/ car services and compromising on quality of service?

The Nest Travels are totally dedicated to the corporate sector. We guarantee reliability and professionalism. We have close relationships with many companies in our region. Whether you need us to take you to that all important meeting, or if you would like us to assist you with an event or trade show, you can be sure we'll be waiting for you at a location of your choosing. Perhaps your clients or senior executives are visiting our Region. Allow us to collect them from the airport, where we'll continue to deliver the first-class experience.

Services include (but are not limited to):

Airport Pick Up & Drop Off (Including Private Aviation)

Railway Transfers

Diplomatic services – VIP, Dignitary & Diplomatic Client Handing

Events/ Trade Shows

Why do we excel in the corporate sector?

 Because we are quick thinking and always one step ahead; but most of all, we understand our clients and their needs. We know how important it is to get to the airport or meeting on time. Deals can be perfectly executed and the paperwork – flawless; but in the end, we are people and we will apply our own life's experiences on any given situation, including how we perceive others. For this reason, we will endeavor to form a close relationship with our clients, integrating seamlessly into your organization, so that to the outside world, we are one with our clients as family.


Personal Services:

Are you tired of the monotony of waiting on the street waving your hands and whistling for an ordinary taxi
or rickshaw? Or maybe even exhausted dealing with our cities Tourist car companies & their limited choice of
cars? Or could it be that you simply wish, you could ride around the city in a luxurious chauffeur driven car,
without having to actually "own" one?

Our service is for any occasion that requires a car. Whether you wish to spend the day shopping in a convenient and luxurious manner (and not have to carry large, heavy bags around with you), or wish to have your very own personal chauffeur & drive around in a luxury car for sheer indulgence, Luxury Car Services will adapt to your
Exact needs and make you feel very special.

We're here to cater for all your driving needs including (but not limited to):

Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

Parties & Social Events (The V.I.P Red Carpet Treatment)

Weddings, Festivals & other Special Occasions

Sight-seeing Tours, Day/ Weekend Trips, Award Shows & Events

Entertainment (theatre, restaurant, club, spa etc)

Shopping Trips (Indulge in our Personal Shopper & Style Consultant service.)

Personal Bodyguards

We have close relationships with many theatres, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. So whether you would like to
spend an evening at a top restaurant, or dance the night away at an exclusive nightclub, Luxury Limo
(Concierge) Services can book tables, get tickets and get your name on exclusive guest lists.

It happens all too often. Companies make promises of high standards of service, but rarely deliver.
You become just another client or account. Luxury Limo Services has made a commitment that this
will never happen. We endeavour to know all our clients by name, because names are very personal - so is
our service. Above all, we put you, the client first.